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Australia, Ireland, United Kingdom

Framework Agreements


Australia English (PDF, 354KB, May 2021)

Ireland and United Kingdom

UK English (PDF, 349KB, May 2021)

Product Schedules

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Product Language Schedule
WorldShare Management Services English Schedule 01 - WorldShare Management Services (PDF, 197KB, May 2021)
Group Catalog English Schedule 02A - Group Catalog (PDF, 143KB, May 2021)
WorldCat Discovery Services English Schedule 03 - WorldCat Discovery Services (PDF, 201KB, May 2021)
WorldCat Discovery Services/FirstSearch English Schedule 03A - WorldCat Discovery Services/FirstSearch (PDF, 134KB, May 2021)
WorldShare License Manager English Schedule 04 - WorldShare License Manager (PDF, 146KB, May 2021)
WorldShare Collection Evaluation English Schedule 05 - WorldShare Collection Evaluation (PDF, 183KB, May 2021)
CONTENTdm English Schedule 06 - CONTENTdm (PDF, 135KB, May 2021)
EZproxy English Schedule 07 - EZproxy (PDF, 198KB, May 2021)
WebDewey English Schedule 08 - WebDewey (PDF, 146KB, May 2021)
OCLC WebJunction English Schedule 09 - OCLC WebJunction (PDF, 131KB, May 2021)
WorldShare Interlibrary Loan Services English Schedule 10 - WorldShare Interlibrary Loan Services (ILL) (PDF, 137KB, May 2021)
Tipasa English Schedule 10B - Tipasa (PDF, 162KB, May 2021) English Schedule 11 - (PDF, 157KB, May 2021) with Cataloging English Schedule 11A - with Cataloging (PDF, 135KB, May 2021)
Discovery to Delivery English Schedule 12 - Discovery to Delivery "D2D" (PDF, 164KB, May 2021)
Relais Interlibrary Loan English Schedule 13 - Relais Interlibrary Loan "Relais ILL" (PDF, 179KB, May 2021)