OCLC accessibility statement

OCLC is committed to inclusive design and as part of that, usable and accessible products for all.

We are dedicated to improving the accessibility of our products, focusing on conforming to Level AA of the W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.1 guidelines).

Features and known opportunities

Users of modernized interfaces, either new or significantly updated and released to production 2020 or later, should be able to:

  • Listen to most of the experience using a screen reader.
  • Zoom the experience up to 200% without losing content.
  • Switch devices and orientation without losing content or functionality.
  • Navigate using assistive technologies like keyboards and speech recognition software.

Users of mature interfaces launched prior to 2020 may experience gaps in functionality that aid in making an interface perceivable, operable, or understandable when relying on assistive technologies.

Customers subscribing to services with branded interfaces such as WorldCat Discovery are encouraged to test color selections using tools such as Accessibility Insights for Web.

Customer support

Current customers having difficulty using OCLC services with assistive or adaptive technology, after trying workarounds, may contact Support in your region.

Ongoing efforts

OCLC approaches accessibility through a multi-pronged approach:

  • Regular accessibility assessments
  • Increased training opportunities for employees
  • Increased accessibility awareness and knowledge across product development
  • Verification that OCLC's products are progressing toward being more accessible in design and technology

Regulation conformance

We have a national and global focus on WCAG 2.1 Level AA conformance, including regional regulations such as the:

Evaluation methods

OCLC is committed to supporting use of our services by all users. Accessibility is an important consideration during our product development. Features in active development are checked using a range of tools, including but not limited to Accessibility Insights for Web, SiteImprove, VoiceOver screen reader on Apple machines, and JAWS screen reader on Microsoft Windows machines prior to production release.

Conformance reports

Conformance reports indicate impact on views or pages supporting key user workflows as well as the holistic service. The reports cover conformance with WCAG 2.1 Levels A and AA; ADA Section 508 Chapters 3, 5, and 6; and EN 301 549 Chapters 4, 9, and 12. Justification is provided within the reports regarding Chapters 5, 6, 7, and 10.

Conformance report audits use the following tools:

  • SiteImprove evaluation tool for Chrome browser
  • WAVE evaluation tool for Chrome browser
  • VoiceOver screen reader on Apple platform with Apple Safari
  • WebAim's Contrast Checker
  • Manual code review and general product knowledge

Current and prospective customers may request conformance reports via the form below.

Send questions to [email protected].

Request an Accessibility Conformance Report (ACR)